The best algorithm in the world does not make a good Master. Blackbird Mastering stands for Analog Mastering, experience, a keen sense of good Music and the ability to make dreams come true.

Show me an algorithm that can exude the feeling of real life or knows what freedom feels like and maybe even breaks the rules.

Music has exactly everything what I’m talking about. Only someone with a real heart knows what it means to Love, to Hate, to feel Joy, to endure Pain and shed Tears.

believe in yourself

The moments when you are completely down, feel burned out and don’t know how to continue? I know these moments all too well because I have walked through them all and I still walk through them again and again every day. But it´s precisely these moments that drive us and they keep us alive. They have the power to destroy, but at the same time they breathe new life into us! Whatever you do, don’t stop fighting for your dreams and always believe in yourself


Mastering for Vinyl, Mastering for Spotify, Mastering for Cassette and for whatever medium you are into.

I could tell you right now that your songs will reach the next level, or that your songs will get the quality they deserve. But why should I tell you this when you already know the obvious? To be honest, I’m tired of such statements and it’s time for a change.



Mastering is more than just turning some knobs on super expensive Mastering Equalizers btw. here at Blackbird Mastering your sound material will walk through one of the most musical Equalizer I’ve ever heard. I would almost say it is dark magic but the most important tool of an Mastering Engineer are his Ears linked to his heart and soul.
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